Life is a journey, not a race.

At 27, I feel so lucky to have so many memories that I've been able to create with my lovely husband. Our beautiful wedding... our honeymoon in Las Vegas... seeing the sunset at the Grand Canyon... Paris... Amsterdam... getting engaged in London... even simple things like spending Sunday on the sofa watching Gogglebox and Game of Thrones (and finishing an entire bag of popcorn).

No journey is ever without a few bumps in the road, and I would be lying if I said there have never been tough parts. But those moments have made us who we are today.

It's so easy to get drawn into the mindset of wanting everything NOW; of being in 'first' position in life. First to get engaged, first to get married, first to move into your own home, first to have a baby...

It may seem like some people are handed a perfect life on a plate, but in reality, they have probably worked really hard to get to that point. I've learnt that nothing in this life comes for free. You want something? You've got to put the effort in to get it. The world does not owe you anything.

We're enjoying the journey, one day at a time. How about you?