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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Movies that inspire me

"Haven't any of you ever had a dream?"

Rapunzel has been locked up in a tower for 18 years. She dreams of seeing the lanterns that appear every year on her birthday. She has to deal with a number of obstacles, negativity from her 'mother' and the fear that her dream may not be all she's imagined it to be. But despite all this, she goes ahead and follows her dream anyway, not letting her fears hold her back.
"Everybody's got to take a road trip, at least once in their lives. Just you and some music."

Drew loses his company a billion dollars, gets fired and dumped by his girlfriend. He plans his suicide, but gets interrupted by the news of his father's death and his mother's request to travel to his father's hometown to retrieve his body for cremation. On the flight to Elizabethtown, Drew meets flight attendant Claire who, among other things, sends him on an awesome road trip that really makes me want to travel.
Legally Blonde
"No more boring suits or pantyhose, I'm trying to be somebody I'm not."

Ah Elle Woods. A girl who proves you can be super successful and intelligent and like pink and sparkly things - you don't have to pretend to be someone you're not. Elle is the girl who remains true to herself and her friends whilst showing them she isn't just a dumb blonde.
The Devil Wears Prada
"I would just like a little credit... for the fact that I'm killing myself trying."

Andi Sachs wants to be a writer in New York. But to be a writer in New York, she needs a hell of a recommendation letter. Andi isn't interested in fashion, and is in way out of her depth working at Runway magazine as Miranda Priestley's assistant. After some sage words from colleague Nigel, Andi realises she needs to step up her game. Along with a makeover and new clothes comes a change in attitude, Andi finally begins to shine. Andi soon realises she is losing herself and hurting others for the sake of a recommendation letter, and she has a difficult choice to make: once which may make or break her career.
The Blind Side
"You're changing that boy's life."

Leigh Anne Tuohy adopts Big Mike, a homeless teenager who has no real future. She takes him in and makes him part of her family, despite the disapproving and narrow minded views of her friends. Her caring nature means Mike is given opportunities to do well in life, and when he expresses an interest in football, Leigh Anne ensures that he is able to succeed and eventually go to college. It's a really lovely story that gives me hope that even in the toughest times in life, things will work out in the end. And that the world can always do with good people like the Tuohy family, Oh, and Sandra Bullock is superb as Leigh Anne, a must watch for her performance alone.
Not the most conventional of lists, I know! What movies inspire you?