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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Summer Bucket List 2014

I've seen a few Summer Bucket List posts floating around via Pinterest and various blogs, and I thought it was a nice idea to make one of my own. Matt makes fun of me as I do love a good list, but I think lists are great as they help me to focus and remember the things I want to do! So here is my summer bucket list for 2014...

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  • Go on a road trip.
  • Read on the beach.
  • See a sunrise.
  • Eat fish & chips along the seafront.
  • Play in the arcades.
  • Explore Brighton Pier.
  • See a sunset.
  • Go for afternoon tea somewhere pretty.
  • Go and see the fairies and monkeys at Trentham.
  • Visit a new city.
  • Go fruit picking.
  • Make frozen drinks on sunny days.
  • Picnic somewhere lovely.
  • Have a BBQ for two with Matt.
  • Ride on a carousel.
  • Dip my toes in the ocean.
  • Take tons of pictures!
  • Harry Potter Studio Tour.
  • Scrapbook our adventures!
Have you got a summer bucket list?

If not, why not join me and write one of your own? Be sure to link me to your list in the comments or via twitter (@zoebee87) if you do!