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Recipes to try...

Not having my own kitchen to cook in has been one of the harder parts of living with our parents; we've been eating a lot of processed and unhealthy food, mainly because the logistics of sharing a kitchen means we're often waiting around to use the kitchen so by the time we get in there, we're too lazy (and hungry!) to cook meals from scratch.

We've been watching a lot of cooking shows on TV and I'm always looking at recipes on Pinterest, so I've started pinning to a 'Recipes to Try' board to keep track of those I like the look of. A lot of them are from Jamie Oliver, as although he can be a bit ridiculous with the ways he talks about cooking (come on, you're chopping that carrot, not clanking it...), his food often looks pretty delicious and not too difficult to make.

Here are some recipes I really want to give a go when I can get back in my own kitchen.






You'll notice that these recipes aren't the most complicated or adventurous. I like to cook things that taste great but don't require a billion different ingredients, so I tend to look for recipes that I'm likely to have the ingredients for in my cupboard, or if I do need to buy a new item, it can be used in another recipe. I'm also one of those picky eaters, but I'm slowly trying more things that I wouldn't normally choose to eat or cook. I'm hoping these recipes will feature in some recipe posts in the future.


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