Zoe Bee


Review: SleepPhones

Back in October, Matt and I made the tough decision to move out of our rented house into his parents' spare room. We want a house of our own, and although we were saving while we were renting, it was going to take a long time to get the kind of money we needed for the house we wanted. So, we took a deep breath and handed in our notice on the house, and a month later, packed up our lives into my uncle's garage, Matt's nan's spare room and whatever we could fit into his parents' spare room.

Going from a two bedroom house to one small room has been tough. Really tough. Arguments have been had, tears have been shed. If nothing else it has proved how strong our relationship is that we haven't killed each other yet ;) One thing that we've had to work around is our different work schedules, as I work a 9-5 office job and Matt works in manufacturing on a 3-shift rotation which means some days he will be going to bed as I'm waking up, or he wants to go to sleep pretty early whereas I'm still wide awake. I'd been using my iPhone earbuds with my tablet to watch TV shows whilst he slept, but after a while my ears were sore and wearing the earbuds was pretty uncomfortable. When I was offered a pair of SleepPhones to try, I was super excited as they were just what I'd been looking for. Pyjamas for your ears - yes please!

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