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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Nail Polishes for Halloween

Halloween is one of my favourite times of the the year... Carving pumpkins, passing out sweets to the trick or treaters and sometimes dressing up! You may not have a fancy dress party to go to, so here are my top nail polish picks to add a subtle hint of Halloween to your outfits...

Orange & Black Confetti
Maybelline's Urban Vibe contains lots of little pieces of orange and black confetti in a clear base, and it just screams halloween - pardon the pun!

Purple Glitter
Now, W7's Purple Dazzle is the one to go for if you want full on sparkle in a fun Halloween shade.

A classic red is always a safe bet and is work appropriate. Stick to a simple, red creme like Essence's Fame Fatal and you can't go wrong. Alternatively, a deep, blood red shade would be an excellent choice.

Want something a little brighter? Love pumpkins? I have the perfect, bright-pumpkin-orange shade by M&S called Tangerine, but this is discontinued, so try Barry M's Satsuma instead.

Burgundy & Gold Duochrome
Rimmel's Hard Edged is perfect if you are after a darker halloween look... This is a deep, shimmering burgundy that looks almost black in some lights. This shade makes me think of a decadent vampire's lair, especially when the light hits it and highlights the green/gold tones in it.

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