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Autumn is my favourite season. There is just something about this transition period between summer and winter where everything seems to just glow.

  • The warm glow of the sky at sunset.
  • New TV seasons starting.
  • Being able to wear jumpers and cardigans indoors.
  • Pretty gold, orange and amber leaves all around.
  • Temperatures dropping just enough... Not too cold, but a nice relief from the heat of a warm summer day.
  • Making hot comforting food like hearty stews and casseroles.
  • Spending dark cosy evenings wrapped up in a soft, comfy blanket on the sofa with a good book or movie... Preferably Disney or Harry Potter!

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  • Halloween! Carving pumpkins and handing out sweets to the kids in their little costumes, so cute!
  • Being able to use the deep, rich nail polishes in my collection that are just that little bit too dark for the summer season.
  • Crisp mornings with that autumn chill in the air.
  • The start of the new football season means I can escape upstairs for at least 2 hours while Matt enjoys the game in peace without me moaning in his ear to change the channel. Perfect!
  • Yankee Candle's 'perfect for autumn' scents... Oh hello, Fireside Treats
  • Bonfire Night complete with fireworks, sparklers and candy apples. Woolly hat optional!

I just really love this season!

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