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Current Netflix Favourites | July 2016

Current Netflix Favourites

Working full-time means I very much appreciate those few non-working hours that aren't filled with household chores. Once the chores for the day are done, I like to pop on a pair of comfy PJs, and settle in bed or on the sofa with my laptop and fire up Netflix (popcorn and candy optional!). There are a ton of movies and TV shows to choose from, and seeing as my regular shows are currently on hiatus, I thought I'd share some new favourites that I'm currently watching.

Once Upon a Time
This show is on hiatus until September, and I only started watching it a couple of weeks ago... I have actually watched the entire 5 seasons but some of the episodes were on in the background whilst doing other things so I am currently re-watching some of those episodes. I really enjoy this show; being a family show, it can be pretty cheesy and the effects look pretty lame sometimes but then there are Hook's one-liners which are pretty funny! Plus, fairytales and Disney?! SOLD!

Pretty Little Liars
I've been watching PLL for years, and I did actually stop for a while as I kind of lost interest in it. I decided to pick back up mid-way through season 5 and I am now about to watch the latest episode of season 6. Is it totally ridiculous and over the top? Yes. Do I care? Nope!

I enjoy the zombie genre, and I was intrigued when I saw this when searching for something new to watch a while back. It was created by the same person behind Veronica Mars, and I think it's really similar in terms of the writing style and humour. It's really lighthearted and there's usually a different sub-plot for each episode running alongside the main plot that continues throughout the season.

Orange is the New Black
I'm going to guess that most people know about the inmates at Litchfield prison. I've very recently caught up on all of the new season as I just couldn't help myself and binge watched them over a couple of weeks! The last few episodes were so, so sad and made me cry (think Grey's Anatomy finale style crying...) so have some tissues handy!

What are your favourite TV shows on Netflix that I need to be watching?


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