Zoe Bee


Gifts for... Movie Buffs

First up, the easiest and most obvious on my list... a cinema gift card so they can enjoy a movie of their choice on the big screen. This would be a nice treat for someone who is on a budget and doesn't get chance to go as often as they would like due to ever-increasing ticket prices. Gift cards are available from most cinema chains: Cineworld, Showcase Cinema, Vue and Odeon.

If you know someone who prefers to watch their movies at home, why not get them a projector? This one is a budget option but looking at reviews is still pretty decent for the price point.

If your budget doesn't stretch to the projector, then some warm popcorn from a popcorn maker will add a little bit of cinema magic to those home movie nights.

With this '1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die' book, your movie fan will never be without ideas of what movie to watch... it would take them quite a while to watch all 1001!

How about testing their knowledge of movies by challenging them to play the 'Best of TV and Movies' board game with you? Let them show you just how much they know movies...

Finally, if you're really stuck on what to get them, who would expect to receive a candle that smells like their favourite movie? Old Glow Candles sells a number of movie themed scented candles; my top picks would be Breakfast at Tiffanys, The Wizard of Oz and The Jungle Book.

* All links correct at time of writing.


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