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Thursday, 5 January 2017

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2016-2017 Believe in Yourself

Happy New Year, folks!
2017 is upon us and with it brings 365 brand new days. 365 new starts. 365 opportunities to do something awesome.

2016 wasn't my favourite year, but in an effort to appreciate that I'm lucky to wake up each day to experience the ups and downs life brings, I wanted to remember the good bits of my 2016.

  • I think the best part of 2016 was Matt. Life was really awful at points last year and my mental health definitely took a beating or two. The one constant was Matt. He's there when life gets too much, and even when I let my feelings and thoughts get the better of me, he encourages me to push past them. I'm not sure he sees just how much he helps, even when he doesn't really understand why I think/feel the way I do at times.
  • I turned 29.... the last year of my 20s, eek!
  • We went to the theatre and saw The Lion King, Footloose and Ghost.
  • I bought my Macbook Pro - a dream come true!
  • Another dream come true - I got myself a little blue Fiat 500.
  • We spent a week in Mykonos; our first holiday abroad since our honeymoon in 2013.
  • Matt and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary.
  • We saw the live action Jungle Book movie at the cinema and it was every kind of wonderful.
  • We got more of the house renovations done - the end is in sight!
  • We got our front garden paved to make a double driveway.
  • I learnt to make greek gyros style pittas.
  • I got the Sensationail polish to gel starter kit and have been enjoying using my nail polish collection again.
  • I found some great skincare products that suit my skin since discovering that my skin is actually combination skin that was dehydrated rather than dry.
  • I cut down my sugary cola intake quite a lot - some weeks were tough and I turned to sugar to get me through, but on the whole I made better choices compared to 2015.
  • Leo won his oscar, yay!
  • I learnt that I could exercise and enjoy it! It's all about finding exercise that works for you.
  • I deactivated Facebook and enjoyed the peace I felt from being away from it all on there. +1 for my mental health!
  • We finally got to see the trailer for the live action Beauty and the Beast - so very excited to see it in March!
  • Started watching Once Upon a Time and The Originals. Hats off to Netflix for Orange is the New Black and Making a Murderer and the best show of 2016: Stranger Things.
  • I took a photo of the supermoon!
  • I got Matt tickets to a huge boxing event that sold out within minutes of going on sale. I was so happy as we were badly let down by a ticket seller when he last went to Wembley to watch a fight. I don't normally do this - but please avoid 'Vibe Tickets'; they ripped us off hugely and failed to deliver on promises of refunds or replacement tickets.
  • Joined in with a Twitter chat, all things Disney hosted by @TheGirlGangHQ. It was really nice to chat to fellow Disney lovers and have a peep at some blogs I would never have even come across before.
  • Finally we saw 2017 in with a quiet evening in just the two of us. I had a big beasty steak that I cooked until it was medium to well done... It was very slightly pink (I normally cook my steak until it's grey inside LOL) but I gave it a go and it was so tender and juicy compared to how my steak usually ends up after I've cremated it! I even had a little frozen strawberry daiquiri seeing as we were at home and I wasn't driving.

I know that's not the most exciting list you'll probably read, but I feel quite good reading that back; I had some really great times nestled in there among the crappiness, and I'm really grateful for that.

This year I'm making a big effort to battle the issues that have been stifling my happiness and wellbeing for way too long. I'm going to look after myself, do things that make me feel good and learn to say no to the things that don't make me happy. I'm also trying super hard to remind myself that each day is a new start; one bad day doesn't mean the entire week, month or even year is ruined. I'm also going to believe in myself more and have more faith in what I can do and achieve.

I hope you are all having a good 2017 so far, and if you're not, have a little hug from me and remember:
It gets better. xoxo

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