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30 Before 30: Reaching 30 and the end of the list

Yesterday I turned 30 years old. THIRTY. When did I become an adult?! Back in January 2016, I was looking over my 30 Before 30 list, seeing what I could tick off. As this was the final year I had left, I soon realised that some of them were no longer relevant or impossible to do by today. So I decided to take some things off the list and replace them with new goals that were either more achievable or more important to me. Here is my final list!

1. Marry Matt
COMPLETED: 27th July 2013

2. Move into Buy our own house

3. Get a permanent job
COMPLETED: August 2010

4. Buy an exercise bike
COMPLETED: Many years ago... it has since been sold!

5. Grow my hair long and grow out the bleach
COMPLETED: Around 2012 I started to grow it as the bleach had gone.

6. Trip to Las Vegas and visit the Cheesecake Factory
COMPLETED: 30th July - 9th August 2013... We went to the Cheesecake Factory twice!

7. See the Grand Canyo
COMPLETED: 3rd August 2013; an absolutely amazing experience.

8. See Snow Patrol live again
COMPLETED: January 2012

9. Own a piece of jewellery from Tiffany & Co.
COMPLETED: Thanks to my wonderful husband - 27th July 2013, 27th July 2014 & 25th January 2017

10. Own a Coach Bag
COMPLETED: August 2013

11. Get a DSLR
COMPLETED: January 2014

12. Get a 50mm lens for DSLR
COMPLETED: October 2014

13. Get a bigger external hard drive
COMPLETED: April 2014

14. Revisit Brighton
COMPLETED: August 2014

15. Have at least £3000 saved up
COMPLETED: May 2015... which was then spent on buying our house!

16. Visit the Harry Potter Studio Tour
COMPLETED: August 2014

17. Do a mini UK roadtrip
COMPLETED: August 2014 - Visted Brighton, Liverpool and Kings Langley for the Harry Potter Studio Tour

18. See The Lion King in London
COMPLETED: 22 January 2016

19. Buy a Macbook
COMPLETED: 25 January 2016

20. Own a Fiat 500
COMPLETED: March 2016

21. Go on a relaxing beach holiday with Matt
COMPLETED: 7th - 14th September 2016

22. Learn to do gel polish manicures
COMPLETED: September 2016

23. Start using my camera out of Auto mode and use manual focus
COMPLETED: I'm no longer using 'auto' mode, and I've found manual focusing pretty easy.

24. Start saving for a trip to Florida
COMPLETED: We have started transferring money into a saving account; we hope to go in 2019 as Matt would like to go when the new Star Wars attractions are open.

25. Print actual real, life photos of our trips and travels and create albums to look at
IN PROGRESS: I have started a travel scrapbook which is very much a work in progress... Scrapbooking is time consuming!

26. Fix up our little spare room to create a workspace
IN PROGRESS: We filled and sanded all of the holes in the walls and Matt installed the flooring, skirting board and windowsill. Just a little more prep to do then we are papering with textured wallpaper and we have the paint ready to go!

27. Create a workout plan and get started
IN PROGRESS: Bookmarked lots of workouts on YouTube, now to just get started!

28. Finish my dressing room
IN PROGRESS: Almost done, it just needs a curtain pole, light fitting and cupboard doors installing.

29. Overcome my anxiety issues
IN PROGRESS: This one was a bit optimistic to reach by 30, but slowly I'm trying my best to get myself into a good place mentally.

30. Get new glasses
IN PROGRESS: Total fail whale on this one. Definitely on my to do list for this year!

Wow. It's amazing just how much you can achieve when you set clear goals with a deadline... Having this list has definitely helped me to focus and do the things I actually want to do. I think I've done pretty well to only have 5 things left to check off, 2 of which I know will be done in the next 2 months.

Now... do I create a 40 before 40 list?!


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