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Recipe: Fluffy American-style pancakes

One weekend I decided I wanted pancakes for breakfast just like the ones I had at Denny's when we were in Las Vegas. They were sweet, light and fluffy, and after trying out various recipes and tweaking, I think these ones come pretty close to the Denny's ones.

Fluffy American-Style Pancakes

Review: Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Movie review Beauty and the Beast 2017

Beauty and the Beast. It's a tale as old as time that has been reimagined by Disney and finally released. I'm sure I can speak for many other fans when I say this was the remake we had all been waiting for... The original wasn't nominated for a Best Picture Oscar for nothing!

I saw the film on its opening night here in the UK, and I absolutely loved it; so much so, that I saw it a second time (although that particular cinema experience put me off going to see it again, so I'm waiting for the DVD release now). I thought I'd write a review of it in case anyone is thinking of seeing it while it's still showing at the cinema. I'm pretty certain this is going to be a long read, so I'd grab yourself a drink and get comfortable...

This review contains minor spoilers!