Christmas Lunch at The Littleton

Hi folks, we're on Day 20 of Blogmas - where did the time go?!

Today I went to my work Christmas lunch at The Littleton, which is a local restaurant serving really good freshly cooked food at great prices. We had the four course Christmas lunch, and for the second year in a row, it was really lovely. You can view the Christmas menu choices here.

I took some photos of my meal (sorry they're iPhone quality!) to show you what's on offer. All courses were large portions and tasty, so much so that I didn't have anything later for dinner as I was still satisfied from lunch!

For my starter I chose leek and cheddar soup (from a choice of four soups); the soup was very creamy and served with toasted bread, and there was also extra bread available. I also ordered a non-alcoholic cocktail - I choose an OAG, which was orange and apple juice with grenadine. This was so nice, maybe a tad too sweet but it looked very pretty.

For my main I had the traditional roast turkey which came with chestnut stuffing, garlic & shallot confit, goose fat potatoes, a large pig in blanket topped with a rich port wine jus. It also came with roasted parnsips, boiled potatoes, sprouts and carrots on the side. I really enjoyed this course - the port wine jus was fab and the roast potatoes were crispy with perfect fluffy insides.

Finally, for dessert I went for chilled chocolate fondant which came topped with toffee popcorn, pulled chocolate, aero, honeycomb and Baileys cream. This was presented really nicely, and although I enjoyed it, it was so rich and I was feeling pretty stuffed after the starter and main! The fourth course was mince pies which I passed on - not a fan of mince pies anyway so no great loss there.

We all really enjoyed our meals and the staff are really nice; I believe they are actually hospitality students from the college where the restaurant is located, and they do a great job under the watchful eye of their supervisor. The restaurant also serves afternoon tea and a regular menu at other times during the week; you can view their opening times and regular menu here.

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