Christmas Wrapping

Welcome to Day 16 of Blogmas!

I'm sure by now most of you have picked up the gifts you need for your loved ones, but I'm guessing you probably haven't got round to wrapping them all yet? I haven't wrapped a thing, but I do have my wrapping paper, bows and tags all ready to go. Each year I choose a theme and wrap everyone's gifts the same... sometimes I do choose a more cute style of wrapping for the little ones though. I really like doing themed wrapping, so I've picked some of the nicest wrapping I've seen this year in case you wanted to give it a go yourself.

Brown paper
Red and white gift tags with string
Red bows

Polar bear wrapping paper
Polar bear gift tags
Copper ribbon
Blue and copper gift bows

North Pole elves wrapping paper
North Pole elves gift tags
Red and white bows and ribbon

Silver snowflakes wrapping paper
Silver snowflakes gift tags
Silver bows and ribbon

Santa wrapping paper
Santa gift tags
Red and white bows and ribbon

Bambi and trees wrapping paper
Bambi and trees gift tags
Grey and white twine
White and silver bows

* All links correct at time of writing.

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