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2019: The Unplanned Journey

Photo by Ella Jardim on Unsplash
I am not the kind of person who easily embraces the unknown. My brain likes to know what lies ahead, so it can force me to stress and worry over every tiny detail. Cheers for that, hun. But 2019 is not going to be that kind of year for me. I have spent wasted so much time living like that, and it hasn't made my life any better... if anything, it almost ruined my life to the point where I had to turn to CBT and medication to start functioning as a human again. 2018 was all about putting myself back together and I can happily report, I am in a much better place and I'm so ready to see what 2019 has in store for me.

With that in mind, I am not making any rigid promises or plans for the next 12 months. I'm going to do what makes me happy, going to spend my time doing the things I love and enjoy. I'm not going to feel guilty for looking after myself, physically and mentally. Most importantly, I am not going to allow unimportant peoples' opinions and negativity to take up any of my thoughts.

You should never allow someone's negative opinion affect the way you live your life.

I saw that quote and it made me realise that I had stopped doing things that make me happy (and yes, Matt if you read this... I know you tell me this too but it's not true til you read a cute quote on Pinterest LOL). Like blogging for instance. Blogging has always been a hobby I love but I let comments and snide remarks get the better of me, and didn't blog for over a year. And the posts I did write weren't great... I was stripping back any creativity and producing generic gift guides as they were 'safe', and I didn't get much enjoyment out of making them because they weren't the posts I wanted to create. Same with instagram - I love taking photos of cute things, so what if they're a bit extra?! Photography is one of those skills where there is no such thing as too much practice, and yet I stopped taking photos.

So my point is, all I'm promising for 2019 (and beyond) is that I'm no longer letting other people bring me down. And to remember that those who cheer for you when things are going well, but are there to pick you up when things are not so great? Keep them close - they're the good ones.


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