Hello! I'm Zoe.
As I'm sure you've guessed by now, this is my blog, zoebee.co.uk.

And this is the page where I tell you a bit more about myself!

So, I'm a 30(ish) year old living in the West Midlands. I'm married to a lovely man called Matthew Matt, and we live together in our own little house that we bought in May 2015. We don't have any pets or kids right now, but hopefully will at some point in the future. Alongside blogging, I currently work in administration.

I've been blogging for over 10 years, and I decided to launch Zoe Bee back in January 2014. I started blogging as sort of an online journal of sorts, and I think I'll always be a lifestyle blogger as I really struggle trying to fit into a particular category as my interests are pretty varied!

When I'm not working in admin or blogging, I like to read. I find myself drawn to the Young/New Adult fiction genre, and I think there are some absolutely amazing writers in this area.

I enjoy cooking, tending to favour simple, tasty recipes and hearty, comfort food. And in typical British style, I don't think you can beat a nice good cup of tea (preferably Yorkshire teabags, thanks).

Although I'm an introvert and love spending time at home, I love to travel to new places. I'm particularly fond of city breaks where I can see the sights I've always dreamed of seeing. Having been to Paris, my remaining dream trips would be a West Coast road trip, seeing New York and going to Florida to visit Disneyworld (I have a lot of love for Disney ♥).

Frequently Asked Questions
Why Zoe Bee?
It's pretty much just my name really - 'Zoe' from Zoe (of course!) with 'Bee' taken from the 'B' for Baggott.

What camera do you use?
Most of my photos are taken with my Canon 600D and either a 50mm or 28mm lens. Sometimes I use the kit lens (mainly travel photography). I also sometimes use my iPhone 6S camera.

Who designed your blog?
The basic blog template was purchased on Etsy and modified by me. The header was created by me.

Can you promote my product/service?
Maybe! Please see my Work with Me page here.